• Breadsticks-With Greek Yogurt, Sesame & Poppy Seeds  Cat: Breadsticks Ref: A44-TSA

Breadsticks-With Greek Yogurt, Sesame & Poppy Seeds

Supplier Ref: A44-TSA


Breadsticks with Greek Yogurt, Sesame and Poppy seeds!


A Cretan-Mediterranean diet based delicacy, kneaded with extra virgin olive oil recognized for its antioxidant properties. With Greek yogurt, a popular product rich in vitamins and calcium which contributes to the proper performance of the digestive system. They are covered with sesame seeds and rich in zinc poppy seeds, well-known for their nutritional value since Ancient Times.


Sesame and poppy seeds have been systematically used since 600 BC, while Hippocrates considered them extremely beneficial and an essential ingredient in any balanced, low-fat diet.


Available in: In bag-box packaging of 120g