• Cheese-Arcadia-Kofinaki-Goat Milk

Cheese-Arcadia-Kofinaki-Goat Milk

Supplier Ref: A49-ARC


The name “Kofinaki” originates from the shape of this cheese as the moulds in which this cheese is poured-produced resembles a small basket (a Kofinaki).


Kofinaki” is produced from fresh and pasteurized Goat’s milk.


Packaged with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Oregano (as in the photo) it makes for a delicious and flavorsome Greek Cheese alternative.


Shelf life is 18 months in tin containers and 8 months in other types of packaging. Ingredients, 37% dry fat - 50% moisture.


Available both conventional and organic.


Temperature controlled transport and storage is required.


Available in: Tins and “ball shaped” packs (different packaging units are available upon request).


Best enjoyed as an appetizer or in your salads!