• Cookies-Olive Oil-With Chios Mastic PDO  Cat: Breadsticks & More-Crete-Tsa Supplier Ref: A44-TSA

Cookies-Olive Oil-With Chios Mastic PDO

Supplier Ref: A44-TSA


Olive Oil Cookies with Chios Mastiha (Mastic) PDO!


A Cretan-Mediterranean diet based treat, with extra virgin olive oil recognized for its antioxidant properties.


They are flavored with Chios mastiha (mastic) PDO, renowned for its therapeutic properties since the Ancient Times.


Mastiha (mastic) is an aromatic resin secreted from mastic trees which thrive exclusively on the island of Chios in Greece.


It is a rare and fragrant treat prepared with a world unique ingredient!


Available in: Box packaging of 180g