The Greek Pantry

The Greek Pantry

Our label "the greek pantry"!


Our label represents the very best that Greece can offer, born out of our passion for authentic Greek cuisine!


As a trade name we have used the basic “the greek pantry”, due to the very nature of Greek cuisine, which is positioned at the base of the Mediterranean diet.


The colors selected represent those naturally found on the mainland of Greece and the surrounding islands: the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the glistening white of the foaming waves, the orangey yellow of the dazzling sun, set against a backdrop of intertwining Greek Ionic style spirals and other geometrical designs.


The horizontal stripes below, depending on the colors used, define the group to which any one product under "the greek pantry" label belongs.


We aim to create a range of quality food products that will encompass a large variety of items representative of Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet.


True to our mission, we are selecting products made with the purest ingredients, offering them in attractive packaging and marketing them at affordable prices.